Thursday 29th June 2017,
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#51- Biffy the Beat Slayer

#51- Biffy the Beat Slayer

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biffyrepresent 300x300 #51  Biffy the Beat SlayerMuskegon based hip-hop artist Biffy the Beat Slayer and his partner-in-crime Malechai kicked it with WMI at Crickets Pub in Muskegon to talk about his new CD ‘Kill Only What You Can Eat.’  Mux Rec co-founder Lou Jeannot helped co-pilot as we talked about Biffy’s upcoming CD release party (August 17 at Crickets Pub).  The Beat Slayer told a classic (barely fit for public consumption) story that inspired his song ‘Good Riddance’.  We learned about some of the cool stuff Mux Rec is up to and Biffy’s new venture ‘High Class Riff Raff.‘ Podcast includes tracks: Something New, Sail, Good Riddance, Ignorance Ain’t Bliss, and Represent.

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