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#53- Heavier Than Air Flying Machines

Q August 16, 2013 Chris Kleinman, James Quatrine, Podcast Episodes Comments Off on #53- Heavier Than Air Flying Machines
#53- Heavier Than Air Flying Machines

downloadGrand Rapids punk trio Heavy Than Air Flying Machines met with us up at The Meanwhile in Grand Rapids.  Jaymes Pyne, Jason Pyne, and Trevor Goldner talked about making their first CD ‘Siam,’ writing incoherent lyrics, and their evolution in to punk.  Podcast includes a debut of their first single off ‘Kitty Hawk’: After an EMP Has Definitively Ended the Cyber War. Plus, some tracks off ‘Siam’: Ascent Of The Iron Talmud, Amphibian Debt March, Relativity, Unmanageable Infrastructure ( or the Interstellar Nanobacterium Parasitic Infestation), and Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

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