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A Band Called Fun

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A Band Called Fun

I arrived at The Intersection a little after the doors opened. There was a long line to get in the side door and the large man at the door in the black Pulp Fictionesque suit told me that they weren’t letting people in the front room yet. Yin and his girlfriend had the tickets and they weren’t there yet, so I wandered down to the Grand Woods Lounge where they’ve recently renovated. The bartender on the patio made fun of me for wearing Jameson t-shirt while ordering a Seagram’s 7 and Diet, but he charged me $5.50 for it anyway. The patio smelled like coco butter and patchouli. Yin called me. I finished my drink and walked over to the venue.

Yin told the large man at the door that his suit was a good look for him. I don’t think he appreciated the compliment. We went in through the front door.

They’ve renovated the front room. There is a stage now and they took out all the furniture. I didn’t recognize any of the upcoming bands on the fliers. We walked into the main stage area in the back and found a spot to congregate near the back. Not interested in going into the fray up front.

The warm up band was, at least, punctual. They weren’t that bad. I have seen some warm up bands that blew me out the water, this wasn’t one of them. They had a base player all geeked out in the suspenders and glasses. Sound quality was the typical shitty warm-up band setting. According to Wikipedia, Miniature Tigers is an indie pop band based in Brooklyn, NY that combines elements of indie rock, synthpop, and dream pop. The band is made up of frontman-guitarist Charlie Brand, Rick Schaier on drums and vocals, Algernon Quashie on guitar and keyboard. Yep… that just about sums it up. I didn’t recognize the name at first, but I had heard of them. I recognized at least one tune from Sirrus (although Yin and I may have been the only ones in the crowd that had). It’s pretty good. We went and watched the Tigers for a little while. They were going for the sweep in Kansas City. Scherzer was pitching.

The place was packed; sold out in fact. The ticket cost $40 on Stubhub, which is pretty high. It’s right at the threshold of what I’m willing to pay to see one band, and certainly more than I usually pay at the Intersection. All of these lead me to wonder: Who the fuck are these guys? “Most download song this past weekend,” said Yin’s girlfriend. Holy shit. It was an all ages crowd, but dude.

Fun is another New York band that was formed in 2008, but doesn’t look day over 18. THEY PUT ON A DAMN GOOD SHOW; although it did feel a little like and episode of Glee. Yin went over to the ladies arm-wrestling. “Why are you here?” He asked. “Why do you like this band?” One heard the single and loves it. She talked her friends into coming. The hit is called, “We are young.” And they danced. It’s not really a boy band, but I’m not sure how you could tell. When the song came they sang the words back as if the band didn’t know them. The cameras came up, and I’m sure there is a least fifty videos on youtube right now. IT WAS THE GREATEST MOMENT OF THEIR LIFE (Or, at least their first concert.) Yin asked a girl if her mom was there.

The cover of The Stones was ballsy, but the crowd loved it. You can’t always get what you want, but it may have been the loudest I’ve ever heard this place. Strong finish. A string of singles brought the Tigers back in the seventh inning and they won 4-3. GO BENOIT BALLS! Yin’s girlfriend and I drank shots of Washington Apples. The bartender kept over-pouring and giving us the extras. It was quite bodacious.

I had issues tying my shoes for some reason. Yin saw a group of Asian girls sitting at the bar and yelled out, “Where are we? North Korea?” It was time to leave.

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