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Album Review: Matriarch-Show Me

Q June 30, 2012 Ashley Bennett, CD Reviews Comments Off on Album Review: Matriarch-Show Me
Album Review: Matriarch-Show Me

Artist: Matriarch

Album: Show Me EP

By Ashley Bennett


For years I have followed Landon Newsom; through different bands, different labels, and different sounds.  So, when she branched off for her solo career under the name Matriarch; I anxiously awaited to hear what was next.  What came, the ep Show me, completely blew me away.  It is a racial departure from her earlier work, but in a very good way.  Simply one of the most honest and real collection of songs I have heard in a long time, it is simultaneously and beautifully dark and light.

The opening, ‘Psychotropic Medication’ (which could be a page out of her diary) is a very personal track and a great intro.  ‘Musings’, the next track, is upbeat; but heavy. Within this song there are lyrics that say

don’t believe the mainstream,

don’t believe the extreme find yourself and go with it

That’s exactly what she has done. ‘Bed of Nails’ is my favorite track.  It really hit home for me, and it’s actually her favorite as well.  She told me that, “Bed of Nails is my favorite song as it was written in the throng of everything years ago and I didn’t think that song would survive and make it to see the light of day.  It ended up being a metaphor in itself”. Powerful bass lines fill track four ‘Murderer’ with a dark and almost creepy sound.  It’s very catchy.

“The Show Me ep was about my personal journey conquering depression. The ep is equally metaphorical as it is literal” – Matriarch

It is currently available on iTunes, and I highly recommend getting it and watching this talented, honest, humble true artist blossom. Also check out the blog at

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