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Article: Five Excellent January Albums

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Article: Five Excellent January Albums

dumdumgirlsFive Excellent January Albums


I find it so difficult to do end of the year lists, when come December, I’ve forgotten all about January. In an effort to keep up this year, I want to point out some excellent albums as we progress through the 2014 year. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the good albums. I in fact, encourage you to log in and put down others that you may have heard, but these are some albums I hope don’t get overlooked by the end of the year.

Dum Dum Girls- Too True

There is something dark and fascinating about his group of ladies and one gentleman. The music recalls the 80’s, but the group seems very comfortable in their own skin, and making incredible music because of it. ‘Rimbaud Eyes’ is a tremendous song, and ‘Too True To Be Good’ is an anthem not to be missed.


drownersDrowners- Drowners

There is going to be some lazy comparisons to the Strokes when people listen to the Drowners. And hell, I am lazy, so I have even made the connection. However, it’s not all that simple of a comparison. There is also an element of the Smiths when you listen to Drowners as well. ‘A Button On Your Blouse’ is just one of the many highlights.





againstmeAgainst Me!- Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Against Me have been around for quite some time. And while their catalog of music is good and extensive, “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” is arguably their best album to date. ‘True Trans Soul Rebel’ and ‘Dead Friend’ highlight an album full of quality, well developed songs that suggest a veteran band still has plenty in the tank.





connectionsConnections- Year One

Talk about prolific. “Year One” has 32 songs on it. I know what you may be thinking. 32 songs! There has to be some filler on there. I call bullshit. “Year One” is all killer. This Ohio band has been underrated for too long. Hopefully 2014 will change that, but I doubt it. If you are looking for one excellent tune after another, check this album out on Bandcamp.





bigupsBig Ups- 18 Hours of Static

I hesitate to heap the kind of praise I’m about to on a new band, because they have a long way to reach the heights of the Pixies, but Big Ups has the chops necessary to pull off a comparison. If you haven’t ever heard of this band, you really should familiarize yourself with them. Edgy and talented, if this band can follow up their debut with something close to “18 Hours..”, they are going to be in great shape.

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