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Article- Five More Albums To Look Forward To In 2013

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Article- Five More Albums To Look Forward To In 2013

beachfossils2Five More Albums To Look Forward To In 2013
By: John Verburg

If 2013 is anything like 2012, we are going to be in for a treat music wise. Some heavyweights of the indie music scene are slated to release albums in 2013. My Bloody Valentine is reportedly getting back together to make something undoubtedly epic and dreamy. The National, Arcade Fire, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are also slated to have something come out by the end of the year as well. West Michigan Indie contributor Phil Moreno has already given us some albums that he is looking for. I figured that I would do the same.

1. Beach Fossils- “Clash The Truth” (Feb 19th)

Thanks to the internet, Beach Fossils’ upcoming album has already been leaked out, and from what I have heard so far, it is going to be fantastic. Make sure you all legally purchase it. If you search our site, you can find the single ‘Careless’ as a Song of the Day here on WMI.

2. Shout Out Louds- “Optica” (Feb 26th)

I’ve always been a fan of this band and have felt they are pretty criminally underrated. Often sounding like The Cure during their poppiest moments, the Shout Out Louds are coming out with “Optica” next month. Having heard a couple of singles, this consistently good band sounds like they have put together another gem.

3. The Men- “New Moon” (March 5th)

The Men are apparently one of those bands that like cranking out albums in a quick hurry, and we are all the better for it. The Men return in 2013 with another album after releasing “Open Your Heart” in 2012. The song ‘Electric’ is available to listen to if you search for it, and the title is appropriate.

4. Youth Lagoon- “Wondrous Bughouse” (March 5th)

I have to admit, I didn’t really listen much to Youth Lagoon’s first album really at all, despite there being quite a bit of critical acclaim associated with it. In the land of indie dream pop, however, it doesn’t get any better than the first single called ‘Dropla’ off of Youth Lagoon’s new album.

5. Wavves- “Afraid of Heights”

Wavves are fantastic. Their first single off of their new album, ‘Sail To the Sun’ is fantastic as well. They are awesome and that is all there is to it.

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