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Article: Making My Album: The National

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Article: Making My Album: The National

thenationaltroubleMaking My Album: The National
By: John Verburg

One of my greatest joys as a youth was always making mix tapes. As CD’s got popular, that of course went away a bit until I got iTunes and started making mixed CD’s. I still love to do that, and while even more modern technology allows us to do our mixes on our phones, I still live in the past, and will often take the time to burn my own albums onto the dying compact disc. With that in mind I wanted to explore some artists, using their whole catalog, and see what album I would make if I could pick and choose any songs I wanted. My album is going to be 12 songs long, which is pretty arbitrary, but I thought 10 is too short and 15 is too long.

Today, I went with one of my favorite bands, The National, and it isn’t a very easy exercise to pick just 12 songs. But here I go…

1. ‘All The Wine’ off of “Alligator”
2. ‘Conversation 16’ off of “High Violet”
3. ‘Murder Me Rachel’ off of “Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers”
4. ‘Secret Meeting’ off of “Alligator”
5. ‘Mistaken for Strangers’ off of “Boxer”
6. ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’ off of “High Violet”
7. ‘Apartment Story’ off of “Boxer”
8. ‘Runaway’ off of “High Violet”
9. ‘Available’ off of “Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers”
10. ‘Lit Up’ off of “Alligator
11. ‘Squalor Victoria’ off of “Boxer”
12. ‘Mr. November’ off of “Alligator”

As you can tell, I tend to lean more towards the more aggressive side of the National, with the exception of ‘Runaway’ and ‘All The Wine’. It’s not that I don’t like the softer side of the band, I just wanted my National album to build towards an exciting climax, and I think I’ve done that with the last four tracks that I chose.

What say you reader friends? What do you think of the twelve songs I chose for my The National album? Feel free to give West Michigan Indie yours in the comments section.

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