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CD Review: Bennett- A Brand New Start

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CD Review: Bennett- A Brand New Start
bennettCD Review
Artist: Bennett
CD: A Brand New Start
By: Ashley Bennett
I couldn’t be happier to be writing about a true West Michigan talent.  Consisting of Nick Rolls, Josiah Gentry and Nicholas James Warren; Bennett is a, “group of brothers at heart.”  When listening to their latest EP, A Brand New Start; you would never guess that it is a trio and you certainly would never believe that none of the “brothers” can legally drink.  The talent that they each possess is outstanding and the way the three of them come together in such a magical way is astonishing. These guys seem so pure and honest. While listening to the EP for the first time, I read their personal, individual bios and thought to myself, “I just want to squeeze all of their cheeks,” or, “THESE are the kind of guys my mom was always telling me to date.”  Besides being absolutely adorable and extremely talented, their EP really does offer something for everyone.
Track 1, “Friend” has a slow very chill start, which sets the tone for the general theme for the song. A few measures in is when all the instrumental glory comes together and gives the song plenty of energy. Everything about this song harmonizes wonderfully. Its a feel good song and a great start to this EP.
“Home For Now” is a much more mellow than the previous track. It has more dramatic lyrics and more emotional backgrounds. The vocals are almost angelic, and (like I mentioned earlier) you would never know there are only three people singing. It has a feel of an entire choir. This track reminds me of something done by Little Big Town (with less twang).  “Home For Now” could easily perk up the ears of any number of people that like different genres of music.
“Days Are Running”, track 3 is probably the most surprising of the EP. The vocals are up front and present. The first time you listen to it, you just sit in anticipation and look forward to what is coming. The vocals build like a pony before the gates are open. Just when you start to think you were wrong about what you thought it was going to be like, the song comes together and the pony takes off running. The climax build with the vocals on this song has my heart. Its fun, easy and up beat. The lyrics are fairly simple, but it suits the song perfectly.
“Old Time Father” is the last song and it is a strong finish. At this point on the EP you’ve already fallen in love; and this last track is them giving themselves entirely to you. It’s a song that will give you goosebumps with its raw in its content and lyrics. The harmonizing isn’t as profound in this track and the vocals aren’t as crisp as some of the others, but I love it. It adds a different degree of emotion to the song.  “Old Time Father” sharply contrasts the other tracks.  It makes you forget about genres completely and just listen to the song as it is. I could very easily picture this song as the one that makes everyone fall in love with Bennett, regardless of listeners usual music leanings.
When my lovely editor first ask me to write a review for Bennett (PRIOR to me listening to them), I thought. “Oh great, I’m going to hate them.” Yet, I would almost have to write about them since their band name is my last name. I am happy to report, however, that was not the case.  They are the pure Michigan talent that we can all be proud of, and hey, what can I say: I’ve never met a Bennett I didn’t like!
If you haven’t already, please check out their website at They have my new favorite version of “Wagon Wheel” that I can not get enough of. I promise that you will fall in love as I have. You can be sure I will be following their fast rise into stardom.

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