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CD Review: Bleached- Ride Your Heart

Q April 5, 2013 CD Reviews, John Verburg Comments Off on CD Review: Bleached- Ride Your Heart
CD Review: Bleached- Ride Your Heart

bleachedArtist: Bleached
Album: Ride Your Heart
Rating: 7.2
By: John Verburg


It’s easy to tab Bleached as a female version of California surf punkers Wavves, and I have even done so when I put the Bleached song ‘Next Stop’ as a Single of the Day on our site. While Bleached certainly likes to play in the sands that is surf punk, there is a stronger nod to the beach blanket bingo days of Franki Avalon, than the punk side that contemporaries like Wavves or Fidlar show off. However I want to describe Bleached, the point is these girls know their way around writing hook laden guitar songs that make you want to grab your favorite girls hand and run around the beach for a while.

There are very few misses on “Ride Your Heart”, if any at all. At some point, it’s difficult not to either tap a foot or bob a head to any of these twelve tracks, but having said that, it also isn’t likely that any of these songs are going to burn in your memory either. ‘Next Stop’ and ‘Waiting By the Telephone’ are the two highlights of the album for me, and not surprisingly, they are the two moments where the girls in Bleached seem to borrow a page from New York’s The Ramones. Not far behind in quality from those two aforementioned songs, ‘Dead Boy’ and ‘Outta My Mind’ also intrigue but in a slightly more delicate manner.

“Ride Your Heart” combines a lot of good elements; catchy hooks, pleasant vocals, and a couple of girls that don’t mind rocking out a little bit. Lyrically, the girls of Bleached don’t stray too far away from that 60’s formula of boys and girls, and it’s in these lyrics I find myself wanting more. I want more bitch, more snottiness, more anger…I guess I want more punk.

That being said, “Ride Your Heart” is a debut album worth listening to. You will no doubt find some favorites, and you might even get some “Who’s that” from your friends when playing it in a car. Just don’t expect this album to blow your mind, because it won’t. It will tap your toes instead.

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