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CD Review: Brittany Myers- Demons

Q October 22, 2013 Ashley Bennett, CD Reviews Comments Off on CD Review: Brittany Myers- Demons
CD Review: Brittany Myers- Demons

brittanymyersCD Review

Artist: Brittany Myers

CD: Demons

By: Ashley Bennett


After listening to this EP, its almost impossible to believe that it was recorded only a year after Brittany Myers ever held a guitar in her hand. I knew I had to hear more after I hearing her song ‘Bluebird’ for the first time. She sings with such raw and true emotion; someone who has seen and experienced many things. You can hear struggle and strength in her voice, and within her lyrics. I often compare artist to other artists in my reviews, but for the first time have no desire to do that. She is in class of her own. It could be possible that it’s because I can relate to her songs in my own personal way.  Regardless, she is someone to fall in love with and I can see stardom in her near future.

Brittany describes her EP as, “most of the songs are about my struggle with life post-college graduation, and not really being where I want to be in life.  The theme ‘demons’ is pretty apparent throughout, I think, with most of the songs being about things that haunt me; whether that be past life decisions or decisions i have yet to make.” Her songs are honest and vulnerable and I couldn’t respect that more. I admire for her for doing so, plus she sounds so fantastic while doing it.

Track 1. Warning – The perfect way to start out this EP. It’s strong, it’s take it or leave it, it’s deep, it’s vulnerable, it’s a song that if I could write a song, this would be it. If you can connect with this song in anyway, this EP is for you. She proclaims to write sad songs, but I’m not convinced.  I’m just convinced after hearing it, that there are more people out there like me.  This is probably my favorite track on the EP, and it happens to be Brittany’s as well, although I relate to this song on a wider spectrum and maybe a little differently than she. But, that is the beauty of music. She describes this song as “being a bad person and not being happy with some of the things I’ve done in the past”.  It is dark, but not in a self loathing kind of way, and I am a total fan.

2. It’s not me, It’s you – What I love about this song is the way she plays the guitar; just in that it is dark while being upbeat.  It follows suit with the lyrics flawlessly. I also love this song because its something all too familiar for all of us, the relationship, the job, the anything that we stay in because it has become comfortable and safe. I just wish I had this song while I was in a three and a half year relationship, that had been dead for two years. The lyric, there was nothing to save is so powerful if we have ever been there.

3. Drinking Alone – At this point you know I am total biased to this EP because I can connect to it on so many levels, but lets get serious for a minute. I am honestly drinking alone while writing this review. We can all relate to this song. It is so upbeat, almost as if she is trying to convince herself of said happiness, which is something that we do. For me, the song all comes together as a whole at 2:30, the emotion in her voice, the reference to the plastic smile. Its all something too familiar for me, especially the bottle part.

4. Bluebird – This is the very first song I ever heard by Brittany Myers, and clearly made me want more. Its certainly going to be one of my favorites, not only because of the brilliance behind it and being the first song I heard, but it reminds me of a poem I wrote a while back. I also believe it is a song that everyone can relate to in the simplest of forms, because at some point in all of our lives we have seen ourselves somewhere other than where we are at. Which is how Brittany also describes it: “bluebird” is about feeling stuck, wanting to be somewhere else, and not being able to get there.” For me, it goes even deeper than that, as I’m sure it would other people. I love this song too, because it paints a bigger and deeper picture with every word, it becomes artistic in a sense.

5. Coming Home – The dynamics of her voice are apparent in this song. It is a perfect way to round up the EP, demons. You hear this song, and you get so wrapped in it that its hard to picture that it is just her and a guitar.

It is obvious that I will love anything she does, but since Demons was released she has done multiple other original songs, that are on her youtube channel, that I highly recommend checking out. She has a timeless voice, incredible talent and a passion for honest music.


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