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CD Review: Kylesa- Utraviolet

Q June 4, 2013 CD Reviews, Philip Moreno Comments Off on CD Review: Kylesa- Utraviolet
CD Review: Kylesa- Utraviolet

kylesa kylesaAlbum Review

Artist Kylesa

Album Ultraviolet

Rating 8.0/10

By: Philip Moreno


For their sixth album, Kylesa has delivered what I believe is the strongest metal album of the year. Its lush mix of Soundgarden sensibilities and drone style vocals show what metal can be and what real artists can do when they push themselves. Guitarist/Singer Laura Pleasants shows why she is one of the most underrated voices in metal today by being featured on tracks like “Quicksand” and “Long Gone”. She is also the lead voice on my favorite track on the album and one of my favorite tracks of the year “ Vultures Landing”

I have seen the terms like Stoner Metal and New Grunge thrown around when this album is discussed, yet I am hesitant to place this band into one genre. Their career is full of styles and this is just a snapshot of where the band is today. This is an album for fans of early releases from bands like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Mudhoney. I hope this album brings the band new fans that will do what I did and use this album as a spring board into their back catalog. It is worth checking out and hopefully the band mixes in some old material when they headline The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids on June 6th!

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