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CD Review: Queens of the Stoneage- …Like Clockwork

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CD Review: Queens of the Stoneage- …Like Clockwork

queensofthestoneageArtist Queens of the Stoneage

Album “…Like Clockwork”

Rating 9.3/10

By: Philip Moreno


Forget about the names you heard that were “guests” on this album. Trent Reznor, for instance, sings backing vocals on the amazing “Kalopsia”, but is mixed in a way where you only hear his familiar voice for a split second alone. Instead, focus on the fact that this new album from Josh Homme’s band is a return to the feel of their best effort “Songs for the Deaf”. Granted, there are no radio tuning intermissions like that album, but the groove and pace is very similar. Songs like “If I had a Tail” swing with a 70’s Stones swagger. The lead single “My God is the Sun” is a lightning bolt to the status quo of rock radio. When it kicks in; it is like nothing else going on today.

The long absence of the band had me wondering what Josh and the boys were working on. We should not been worried. They delivered a true masterpiece. “I sat by the Ocean” contains the perfect QOTSA groove. “Fairweather Friends” and “Smooth Sailing” are the high point of the album. The groove of both songs just makes you want to move the way few modern songs make you.

This is the first rock album of the year that needs to be listened to as a complete work. The flow of the album, the peaks and valleys contained within, are essential to the experience. Please free up an afternoon so you can get into the right state of mind and visit this album all the way through once. You won’t regret it.

I missed out on 70’s albums like “Zepplin II” and “Sticky Fingers” when they were released in their day. The smell of the record store, the feel of the vinyl. This is the closest I feel we will get to recalling that era in music. If you care about rock music at all give this record a shot.  You will thank me later.

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