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CD Review- The Turnips

Q October 28, 2012 Ashley Bennett, CD Reviews Comments Off on CD Review- The Turnips
CD Review- The Turnips

CD Review: The Turnips

Artist: The Turnips

By Ashley Bennett


 With their new self titled CD, The Turnips are a Northern Michiganband that is expanding the boundaries of the folk genre. I first saw them this summer at their cd debut party; I knew that I wanted to write about them and their many talents.

Track 1- Good Love- It’s a fun, driving around in the summer with all the windows rolled down kind of a song; easy and light instrumentally with strong lyrics.


Track 2- Wear a Crown– Totally different then track one. Powerful and dramatic opening guitar riff. Constant stringy guitar picks throughout. It’s a dispatch meets 3s & 7s feel for me.

Track 3- Love is Just a Song I Sing– Vocals sultry in comparison to track 2. Easy listening, old folk. Wasn’t my favorite.

Track 4- Waiting for a Long Time– Bluesy beginning. Has a feel of an early 60s club with everyone smoking cigarettes and swaying along. The lyrics follow the same suit, skinny ties and suede shoes.

Track 5- Before it Unfolds- Strong folk instrumentals. Consistent bass and drum line. Smokey vocals. The guitar slides are prominent and keep it fresh.

Track 6- Find my Voice- Blues meets folk and than meets a pop/rock hook. Balances very well. Subtle but strong vocals, catchy. Almost a Graffiti6 feel.

Track 7- Joy to the Wicked– Soulful beginning. Deep interlude a lighter chorus. Multifaceted with the heavy of soul and the light of a 311 indie side. Light finish, with the last few seconds tying everything together.

Track 8- Mornings Without You– Slower track. Lyrics paint a very descriptive picture. I imagine if John Mayer had written Eagle Eye Cherry’s ‘Save Tonight’, this would be the product.

Track 9- Winter Blues- Country Folk as a whole, a trueMichigan song when you listen to the lyrics. Appealing for anyone who has survived one of our winters. Radio ready.

Track 10- Shadowsphere -Pop meets folk. A new age ‘When you need a friend’ A feel good song. A surprisingly dominant guitar solo mid song that makes it stand out. A good ending to the cd although it isn’t the best on the cd.

Overall, this cd has something for everyone. I look forward to more from The Turnips as I’m sure their talent will only grow.

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