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CD Review: Willamena- Lost In The Shadows

CD Review: Willamena- Lost In The Shadows

willamenaCD Review

Artist: Willamena
Album: Lost In The Shadows
Rating: 5.5
By: John Verburg


I’ve spent some time in Kalamazoo, and while I can’t say that I remember seeing Kalamazoo band Willamena live, I can say I have heard of the band. Willamena have themselves quite a loyal following, and if is any indication, they have a following that extends itself much further than the West Michigan area.

First impressions are often everything in music, and in this case, my ears are telling me that Willamena is a band that has large aspirations. Their music is ready made to fill arenas and I would feel comfortable putting them in the adult alternative category, even if bands rarely like to categorize their music. I’m going to toss out a reference you just aren’t going to see in music reviews out there, but Willamena reminds me of a 90’s band from St. Louis called Stir. For more recognizable references, I would go with Collective Soul, latter day Live, and a sprinkle of Train giving their straight forward rock sound a nod to Americana.

‘Lost In The Shadows’ isn’t particularly ground breaking, but what it may lack a little in ingenuity, it often makes up for it in confidence. Highlights for me included fourth track ‘Edge’ which has a bit of an edge, with lead singer Lucas Ross ratcheting up the growl in his voice a little bit. ‘Oklahoma’ is a catchy acoustic number. And album closer ‘The Things That I Forgot’ is a breezy acoustic number that wears its’ heart on its’ sleeve, and wearing their heart on their sleeve is something Willamena does really well.

Honestly, Willamena aren’t a band these days that I would seek out, but that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t have a place in the landscape of rock n’ roll these days. In fact, I would venture to guess their live show is pretty amazing, because you can tell these guys believe in the music they are playing, and by the time you leave a show of Willamena’s, you might be humming a few bars of their music.

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  1. Chad Hendrickson June 5, 2013 at 6:29 pm

    John Verburg,
    I would LOVE to get you to a Willamena show next week during Willamena’s CD Release week in Michigan. Willamena is playing Wed. June 12th at The Loft in Lansing, Friday June 14th at The Intersection, and Saturday June 15th at CJs in Kalamazoo. Willamena is also playing an acoustic show Thursday June 13th in Whitehall, MI at Pub 111 so there are lots of options to choose from John. We all enjoyed your review of the CD so thanks…and if you can make it to a show let me know and I will get you on the guest list John!

    Chad Hendrickson