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Concert Review- Graffiti6

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Concert Review- Graffiti6

By Ashley Bennett


Though only a little familiar with them, it would have been tough for me to pass up a free Graffiti6 show at The Shelter in Detroit, Mi.  It’s a good thing I went.  It’s so sweet when a band’s live performance converts you from a casual listener to a fan.

The show started with the humility and talent of Yuna Zarai. This Malaysian vocalist has a remarkable talant that will certainly take her places here in the U.S. The three songs she performed with just her and her guitarist made for an intimate mini concert. Her crisp soulful voice and a bubbly personality reminded me of an American Idol contestant from a few years ago, Meghan Joy Corkrey; or aFlorenceand the Machine meets KT Tunstall. I will be keeping my eye on this one!

Jamie Scott and Graffiti6 took the stage in classic black suits and infectious energy. Even though the venue wasn’t completely full, by the fourth song EVERYONE in the crowd (from eight to eighty) was dancing, clapping, and totally into it. They really have a sound that can please everyone.

I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of their musical capability. The lead guitarist, TommyD, had some solos reminiscent of Santana and the bassist, Pete Cherry, blew me away with some of his break downs. They started one of their songs, “Annie you save me,” with a beautiful a capella.  When Pete Cherry, the bassist, accidentally came in at the wrong time he blushed; but had the most adorable smile. They all had a little laugh about it and just kept playing. The audience could feel how much they really enjoyed being up stage. Jamie Scott and TommyD harmonize perfectly together on their song “Calm the storm”. The album doesn’t illustrate how talented they are live.

They have a new age 60’s rock feel; a fun summer, surfer, fresh, sharp sound, with some songs having a more mellow sound similar to Citizens Cope. At the end of the show the band went off stage and I could see, what I’m assuming is, their manager standing there looking at the sound guys shrugging his shoulders.  The sound techs must have asked if they were doing an encore. I told everyone around me to start screaming really loud. The manager came back around the corner nodding his head, and a few seconds later they took the stage again. Jamie Scott said that doing an encore was not planned and the song they were going to play was just recorded a few months prior and that they had only played it four times before, never in the states. It was a great song and a different feel than the songs played earlier in the night.

After the show Jamie Scott, TommyD, and the drummer, Leonn Meade, signed cds and took pictures with fans. They were really down to earth guys. When I walked up he immediately asked what my tattoo said and just started making regular conversation. I asked them to say something about Michigan for this review.  They said they enjoyed Lake Michigan and the city of Detroit’s energy. They chatted with everybody in line for several minuets; never seeming in a hurry to sign the next cd or get out of there.

Graffiti6’s latest  album Colours is available now.  Pick it up and definitely check them out the next time they come through town.  Check them out at:

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