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Concert Review: MGMT

Q May 9, 2013 Concert Reviews, Philip Moreno Comments Off on Concert Review: MGMT
Concert Review: MGMT

mgmtMGMT with Kuroma

May 6th 2013

Hoogenboom sports complex Calvin College

By Philip Moreno

Ah finals week. The stressing out over papers, presentations and will we still date over the summer if we both go home? The perfect way to break away from all of that is a concert. And MGMT thru held one great getaway this week at Calvin College.

Opening band Kuroma was very schizophrenic from the start. They mixed in a mix of alt/indie/almost pop noise over the first couple of songs. The band finally hit their groove when Ben Goldwasser the bands producer and himself one half of the founders of MGMT came out to provide keyboards for a couple of songs toward the end of the set. The synths and funky beat of the songs Ben played on showed real promise. If Kuroma carries on in this new “new wave” direction, then I defiantly see a future for them.

MGMT walked on stage a little after 9pm to a roar that rivaled anything I have heard in the Grand Rapids area. Opening the night with “Weekend Wars” was a great move, bringing the already fired up crowd closer to the stage. Then with the third song of the night the hugely popular “Time to Pretend” the floor  rushed the stage to become one with the band. The band then played a new song “Alien Days” and captivated the crowd with virtuoso playing from all members.

The highlight of the set was the funky “Electric Feel”. This song just oozes out of the speakers and is one of the funkiest danciest tracks of the past 10 years. Hearing it live you can’t help but dance and sing the words as loud as you can. I hope

MGMT do a “Live from Darryl’s House” just so I can hear Darryl Hall sing this song with the band. It is one of the best live songs I have heard all year.

Closing the set with “Congratulations” left the crowd chanting for the popular track “Kids” Having checked out the setlists they have been playing before this show I knew the very catchy song was not being played. I love the band for doing this. We don’t need to hear all the hits all the time. Its nice when bands keep some songs in their back pockets for future shows. More bands should do this.

If you were at the show and want to see if they play “Kids” live you can check MGMT out when the play in Lansing this July 12th during the “Common Grounds Festival” If you were not at the show I highly recommend seeing this band live. They are by far one of the better live bands touring today!

Kuroma 6.5 out of 10

MGMT 9.0 out of 10

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