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Concert Review: Silent Lions, Flint Eastwood, & Soil And The Sun

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Concert Review: Silent Lions, Flint Eastwood, & Soil And The Sun

coverConcert Review: Feb 22nd, The Blind Pig: Silent Lions, Flint Eastwood, Soil And The Sun by John Verburg


This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to go check out some local acts at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. Unfortunately, I walked in late to only catch the back end of Silent Lions. From what I saw, Silent Lions has quite a bit of potential, and I’ve made a promise to myself to check them out again soon.


Up next was Flint Eastwood, a band that I have seen before in Grand Rapids. A quick story. In between Silent Lions and Flint Eastwood, I made conversation with a gentleman from California. He was of course unfamiliar with the band, and asked if I had seen them. I simply replied, “You are about to have the time of your life”. That’s a pretty bold statement, but I was pretty liquored, and confident the band wouldn’t disappoint. They didn’t.


The only problem with Flint Eastwood’s set is that it wasn’t long enough. Lead singer Jax’ ability to command a crowd is tough to match. The bands energy is beyond infectious, and anyone in that building that had a pulse was dancing, jumping, and singing along. A little warning however, crowd participation is a requirement at a Flint Eastwood show, so don’t go to one expecting to stand around. From ‘Can You Feel Me Now’ to ‘Secretary’ to ‘Billy The Kid’ there isn’t one dull moment in their show.


Following Flint Eastwood is a tough task because of their energy level, however, the Soil And The Sun did a good job. It was my first chance to see the West Michigan Indie Podcasters, and I would describe their sound as space folk. Kind of like the British band Spiritualized. I’m not sure the band benefits from playing with bands like Flint Eastwood, but if I was in the right mindset, I have no doubt Soil And The Sun would hit me just fine.


All in all it was a great night, and a reminder that there is some pretty damn good music out there for us to go see. I would encourage you all to get out and see any of these bands, it’s worth the money!


Check out some of the stuff from these bands below.


Silent Lions: In The Heat Of The Moment


Flint Eastwood: Billy The Kid


Soil And The Sun: Arizona

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