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Fall CD Reviews- Part 3

Q November 21, 2012 CD Reviews, John Verburg Comments Off on Fall CD Reviews- Part 3
Fall CD Reviews- Part 3

Fall Cd Review Part 3
by John Verburg

Back again with another installment, probably the last CD review segment for a bit, but maybe not. Finding music is a constant, though little is released in the month of December. Already we are seeing some information come out for bands that are releasing albums early in 2013. Two of those are Ra Ra Riot and Foals. Albums that I will be looking forward to, as well as the new Free Energy album. Anyway, let’s take a look at a few more fall albums that were recently released.

Artist: Ty Segall
Album: Twins
Rating: 7.8

Ty Segall is a busy dude. I didn’t research it because I am lazy, but I believe this is the third album he has put out in some fashion in 2012 alone. What’s incredible about that is the guy is putting out consistently quality albums. From the first minute of ‘Thank God For Sinners’, you know that “Twins” is going to rock your socks off. It’s dirty and psychedelic, and what you would imagine the Beatles would’ve sounded like had they turned the guitars up a little bit during their drug phase. Segall explores all the tempos on “Twins” and to much delight. His versatility is a quality attribute, and despite that he maintains that scuzz-fuzz sound that makes you wish you were sitting in a seedy bar listening to this album instead of reading this review. “Twins” is a highly recommended listen for anyone that digs classic rock that has a modern feel. If you are not sold on the this album by the time you get to the song ‘Ghost’, you will be after that.

Artist: Metz
Album: Metz
Rating: 7.4

Metz are a band that has emerged on the famous Sub Pop label, and they are doing so with an enormous thump. With song titles like ‘Sad Pricks’, ‘Rats’, ‘Nausea’ and ‘The Mule’, you realize you aren’t going to be dealing with a folk band here. The amps are fired up and ready to go, and Metz makes good use of them. From the ultra high energy of ‘Get Off’ to the high powered crunch of ‘Negative Space’, Metz are anything but boring. Prepare yourself for a full on guitar assault that can be filed along with bands that have appeared in 2012 like Holograms, and bands that have emerged like The Men. Metz’ debut is intense, but in that good way that you know you aren’t listening to just another run of the mill band.

Artist: Letting Up Despite Great Faults
Album: Untogether
Rating: 6.6

A difficult thing to do in the whole chillwave genre is really to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack. Wild Nothing did so recently with it’s excellent album “Nocturne”, and newcomer LUDGF tries to do so on its album “Untogether”. They aren’t entirely unsuccessful here. There are moments where “Untogether” reaches more for the rafters that is shoegaze, and they do it quite well on songs like ‘Visions’. Fourth track ‘Postcard’ is a definite highlight on the album with its underlying pulsating rhythm that gives the album a vibrancy that it lacks just occasionally. There are some really good elements at play here, and Letting Up is certainly a band worth exploring. I even have the feeling it is likely to grow on me.

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