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Interview: Bombay Bicycle Club

Interview: Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club is a British band that is embarking on it’s first headlining tour of the U.S. The band was formed in 2005 as teenagers, and have continued to grow into one of the more interesting bands in rock music today in my opinion. Detroit is lucky enough to be one of the stops on their tour Wednesday night when the band plays a show at the Magic Stick. A couple of weeks ago on this site, we featured the bands hit single ‘Shuffle’ as the Song of the Day off of their most recent album A Different Kind of Fix. Now we have another treat for our readers. Bass player Ed Nash was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for us.

JV: You guys seem to be quite popular in your home country of England and all across Europe, but are less known here in the states, despite my personal attempts to introduce you guys to as many people as possible. With ‘A Different Kind of Fix’, is the band making a more conscious effort to get involved in the U.S. market by doing a headlining tour of the U.S. with this album? And is conquering America so to speak, something that is important to the band?

Ed: Until we released ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ we hadn’t toured in the U.S. at all. Most bands come over on their first if not second album so we did leave it a very long time. In a way i am glad we did as we are still  going to new places at a point where other bands wouldn’t. Im not to bothered about becoming the biggest band in the us, as long as we can keep coming back and touring here i will be happy.

JV: As a follow up, what do you consider your favorite U.S. city to this point, and why?

Ed: I love San Francisco. When I left school me and a friend took a greyhound bus up the west coast and it was the best place on our trip. Beautiful architecture, weather and people. Its also a great place to play, I cant wait to get back there later this year.

JV: ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ is your third full length album, and the band has also had 2 EP’s as well. That’s quite a catalog for a band that put its first EP out in 2007. There is also word that you guys are already working on your fourth full length album (hopefully this is the case). Is producing new album’s rather quickly a conscious effort by the band, and does the process of making new music keep things fresh for you guys as a band?

Ed: Thats true, we have just started thinking about the next record. Although this one wont be done for a while. We didnt consciously try and put out lots of material, we just had songs that we were proud of and wanted people to hear. We also didnt tour very much around that time (hence not coming to the u.s.) over the last year we have been focused on playing shows.

JV: For those that aren’t familiar with your band, can you tell us the process through which Bombay Bicycle Club writes a new record? Is it a collaborative effort in that everyone takes a part in each song?

Ed: Every song starts off as a demo in Jack’s room. The demos vary from being a complete song to a guitar riff. Jack will then send us all what he has done and we will work on finishing the song together. The lyrics are always the last thing to be written, Jack normally writes them on the day they need to be recorded.

JV: One thing I like about BBC is that there is a progression, or a maturation to each new album. Maybe maturation isn’t the right word, rather you guys don’t seem afraid to try new things with each album you release. Many bands would’ve stuck with the formula you had on ‘I Had the Blues…’, and just continued making the same album because of how well received it was. You went the opposite way, and did a folk-tinged second album in ‘Flaws’. Then, the third release ‘A Different Kind of Fix’ seemed to introduce some electronic elements. Do you think your next album will continue down that same path? Or are we going to get a polka influenced album or something? Haha.

Ed: We make the music we want to make. I find it incredibly boring when bands make the same album again and again. I’m hoping the next album will be a natural progression from the previous ones, nothing too crazy.

JV: You guys worked with Ben Allen on your last record, who did Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavillion. What did you think of the experience, and for your next album, who do you plan on working with? Is there someone else out there that you guys would really like a chance to work with at some point, as far as producers go?  This is of course no slight to Jim Abbiss whose work with DJ Shadow may be helpful in an electronic direction for the band.

Ed: Working with Ben was amazing, I am a huge fan of the records he has made. The way he works is very spontaneous which suited us. We recorded in his personal studio which lent its self to working quickly and trying things we wouldn’t have thought to do previously. We’re just starting to think about who we want to do the next record. I shouldn’t really say who’s on our list as im not sure if we have contacted them yet.

JV: Lastly, you guys are known for your energetic live shows. Is there something you want to say to Detroit fans before the show, either about yourselves, or what we can expect from you guys on the 25th?

Ed: We love to check out the areas we play in, especially when visiting somewhere new. If anyone has any suggestions for anything good to do in the day or after the show let us know (@bombaybicycle). Its also always great to chat to people after the show.

There you have it. I want to say thanks again to Jason Marcus who hooked me up with the interview, and greatly encourage people to get out and see the show on Wednesday night. These guys really are a fantastic band, so let’s show them how a Detroit crowd does things. And who knows…maybe we can talk them into hitting  The Bronx afterward?

Please follow the band on twitter (above), listen to their stuff, and maybe even buy some shit.

Down below, I’ve linked another song, this one off of their debut full length I Had the Blues but Shook Them Loose called ‘Dust On the Ground’

See you at the show!

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  1. Nick August 19, 2012 at 10:40 pm

    Good interview. Just added these guys to my spotify lists.

  2. John Verburg January 25, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    Thanks Nick. We have some more coming very soon!