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Interview: Getting To Know… Splashh

Q January 25, 2013 Interview, John Verburg Comments Off on Interview: Getting To Know… Splashh
Interview: Getting To Know… Splashh
splashhinterviewGetting To Know…Splashh
By: John Verburg

One of my favorite bands to hit the music scene in 2012 is a young, up and coming British band called Splashh. While they haven’t been heard from in the states a ton yet, I believe in 2013 that is going to change. The band is slated to come over in March and play the SXSW festival, and I wanted to introduce our listeners to the band before they hit it real big. With some success in the UK already on the strength of some quality singles, the sky is the limit for the foursome. The guys were nice enough to answer some questions for West Michigan Indie, and you can read those below…

Q. Can you tell our readers how you guys met and became a band? 
Splashh began as a collaboration between Sasha and myself (Toto). We just got back from Australia were we’d spent sometime over the summer hanging out getting up to no good. Once we arrived back to the London winter we started writing songs in my little bedroom ‘studio’ and putting them online. Soon enough we arranged to play our first live show and recruited long time collaborators and friends Tom Beal and Jacob Moore.

Q. It seems that success is coming quick for you guys, a regular on the pages of magazines like NME already. Are you surprised by the amount of attention you are receiving right now considering you haven’t been a band for a long time? 

We’ve definitely been overwhelmed by the response we’ve had so far. It’s a little scary in ways as your thrown into it so quickly but i guess that the viral world we live in! As long as we keep writing good tunes and having a good time then there’s nothing to worry about
Q. I would assume that you guys are working on a full length album, I haven’t seen any news as to when that is coming out. Do you have a date when your album is going to be released, and is there a plan to release that in the U.S. and is getting fans in the U.S. important to you guys? 
We’ll be releasing an EP in the coming months before our album later this year….we’ve only released a couple of singles so we’re really looking forward to getting a full ‘body of work’ out there , something you can put on and party to for an hour haha.
It’s definitely important for us to generate a U.S fan base as its the biggest market leader in music! we would also like to spend alot of time hanging out on Malibu beach 🙂 

Q. How would you guys describe your sound? I pretty much describe it as kick ass, but I don’t know the technical terms for these things. Haha. Do you guys have any bands in the past or present that you would describe as influences, or kindred spirits?

Could say Dream Punk?……..kick ass sounds good though
We’re influenced by alot of things past & present – lately theres been alot of Primal Scream, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Tame Impala and Neil Young. 
Turn it up yoo
Q. Do you have any plans to do some touring in the U.S.? I see that you guys are scheduled for SXSW in Austin this year.
Yeah big time, we’ll be heading over to the U.S this Mar /Apr which we’re so bloody excited about…..
Q.Which aspect of being a band do you like more, touring and performing live, or the creative aspects and being in the studio?
Personally I enjoy both aspects of being in a band – when your touring and performing your travelling, seeing new places and cranking up your amps every night. 
Being in the studio is just as exciting being able to experiment with new songs and shape new sounds. 
Q. What do you guys like to do in your free time, if you ever get any? Do you guys go out and see shows? Who was the last band you went out and bought tickets for to go see?
Most days are spent at home recording, making banana milkshakes. can make a mean shake! 
The last band we all went and watched was Tame Impala at Brixton Academy which was immense – i think our minds were blown….
In all honesty we should be seeing more bands as there’s so much good music coming through and out of London but you get stuck in your own little bubble and time just slips away haha.
Q. Thanks for taking the time out guys. I appreciate it, and look forward to hearing more from you all in the future, and hopefully will catch on tour in the U.S. sometime!
no probs, see you soon! 
You all can check out the band at their official website if you would like at Also, I wanted to make it easy for you to check out some of their music as well. Down below I will post a video from the band and a song from their Soundcloud page as well. Happy listening!The video is ‘Need It’

The Soundcloud page can be found here. Listen to all their tracks! ‘Headspins’ is a personal favorite.

YouTube – Videos from this email


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