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Man On The Street: Day 2 at Pitchfork

Q July 15, 2012 Ryan Gleason Comments Off on Man On The Street: Day 2 at Pitchfork
Man On The Street: Day 2 at Pitchfork

Pitchfork Day 2

By: Ryan Gleason

Day 2 at Pitchfork was another great day!

Cloud Nothings gave a raucous effort despite having to play the second half of their set backs to the crowd to keep fretboards somewhat dry as the rain pelted..

Atlas Sound’s Bradford Cox did well although his music was utterly out of place in mid-afternoon.. Even in ghostly zinc whiteface, Bradford was at his most affable and charming.. Known for outlandish and sometimes creepy onstage banter.. That side of him was nowhere to be found.

Cults were fun and danceable as was expected.

Sadly we missed Youth Lagoon and Wild Flag, had to do some recovery in the shade.

Caught Sleigh Bells from afar, but they were plenty loud enough to get the point across.. Not a band I can listen to regularly, but they certainly brought a lot of furious energy to the event.

Hot Chip was the clear winner of the day.. Most fun this cat has had dancing in a long long time!

Grimes was a wonderfully smooth finish to our evening. She reminds me of about a dozen other female artists, all of which are powerhouses in their own right.

To my pleasant surprise, we caught the last 15 of Godspeed’s set!

Great Saturday

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