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Official West Michigan Indie Drinking Game

Official West Michigan Indie Drinking Game

By Jack Calamyne


We don’t, necessarily, encourage drinking here at West Michigan Indie… Aw, who am I kidding?  Of course we do.  In fact, here’s a drinking game to play along with our podcast:




At least four beers per person.  Might we recommend a brew from Founders Brewing Co.  My personal favorite is Dirty Bastard.

One bottle of your favorite whiskey.  The official whiskey of WMI is Powers Irish Whiskey.  If this is unavailable, Jameson will also suffice.  No whiskey?  Any liquor will do.



 Drink from beer if Q says any of the following:



“Right on”


“I get that”

Something is “THE SHIT”



Drink 2 if Q:


Refers to a past podcast.

Mentions the venue they’re recording in.

Talks to the server (extra drink if he mentions their name)


Drink 3 if Q:

Explains why he started the podcast.

Mentions his wife Shelly, (extra drink if he talks directly to her)

Mentions John Verburg or Jack Calamyne


Drink 6 if Q:

Tells a Navy story.

Tells the guest he loves them

Gives a history lesson



Q and the guest drink a shot.

The subject of marijuana comes up (hitting a joint is also an option).

Anyone says, “Kate Pillsbury” (Kate Pillsburied also counts)

Q says, “This is the kind of shit you get on the West Michigan Indie podcast.”

Q mentions Japandroids


Hang Tough… and Good Luck!

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  1. John Verburg November 26, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    Glad I could make your game. I know I could get drunk just off of “bitches!”