Tuesday 27th June 2017,
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Singe of the Day: Editors- A Ton Of Love

Singe of the Day: Editors- A Ton Of Love

editors Singe of the Day: Editors  A Ton Of LoveArtist: Editors
Song: A Ton Of Love

So Editors are back! This is a band that myself and Q have seen on a couple of occasions, and they are a worthy live band for sure. Their last album was a massive failure in my opinion. They lost all of the energy that made them great by putting down the guitars and trading them in for a synth sound. Some bands try new things. Can’t fault them for that. ‘A Ton Of Love’ has Editors finding their guitar strings again, and while it might not have the same kind of excitement songs like ‘Munich’ had back in the day, the new song sounds worthy of being in the Echo and the Bunnymen catalogue. That’s not a bad thing. Editors new album comes out in July. Check it out below.


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